My Aged Care Made Easy

Making it easier to access the Aged Care services you need

Save going to the local doctor and let us complete the referral on the spot!

If you’re unsure how to access supports offered through My Aged Care, our My Aged Care Made Easy service will help you as we will complete the referral to My Aged Care on your behalf. No need to understand a complex system or visit a family doctor for a referral, we can take care of it over the phone with the support from a health care professional.

We understand when you first encounter My Aged Care the system can be confusing. We’ve been working with the My Aged Care framework since it was established and you can draw on our expertise to make sense of your entitlements.

Supporting you with quick and easy processes

Essential referrals for government-funded services

We’ll have a brief chat to learn about your current care needs and we can make the referral to My Aged Care on your behalf.

Let us tackle the paperwork to connect you to Government-funded home care and health services, which could include:

  • Home care packages
  • Cleaning help;
  • Shopping help;
  • Meals on wheels;
  • Showering / dressing help; and
  • Allied health.

My Aged Care Made Easy makes it easy to access the services you’re entitled to

There are some services you’ll need to wait for, in the My Aged Care System, but we can advise on ways to get help in the meantime. Let us save you the time of wading through the information about your entitlements and figuring out which forms you need, what documentation to provide and endless forms and phone calls.

Let us ease the stress of accessing support services through My Aged Care.

 For quick and easy help with My Aged Care, call now.

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