Health and Aged Care Consulting

Expertise to source the aged care support services you need

You can rely on our health and aged care consulting support when you need it most. You’re already going through a difficult and stressful time and the overwhelming information in the aged care system can make it difficult to feel like you’re making the right choice.

We can help. 

We’ll get to know your current situation and understand your family’s vision for having the best care options possible. 

We’ll draw on our lived experience and professional background in the aged care sector to identify the services available to you.

The choice will be yours.

Our Health and Aged Care Consulting options:

Holistic Aged Care Assessment

  • 2-hour home visit
  • Assessment of physical, emotional, social and health needs
  • Individualised advice and education
  • Recommend services and talk through alternatives
  • Complete all referrals including to My Aged Care for your chosen services
  • Written Health and Wellbeing plan for client, family and GP’s reference

Case Management

  • Follow-up of holistic assessment
  • Ongoing phone based support to monitor aged care situation
  • Provide carer support
  • Provide ongoing advice / recommendations as your situation changes
  • Adjusting services as needs change

Supporting you to make informed choices

Holistic Aged Care Assessment

During a Holistic Aged Care Assessment, we spend 2 hours visiting a person at home to formulate a personalised plan, which includes:

  • Understanding a person’s physical, emotional, social and health needs
  • Understanding a person’s values and wishes
  • Speaking with an older person’s important people, such as family and doctor
  • Educating about home based and health based aged care services
  • Matching a client with the most appropriate home-based and health-based services
  • Completion of a health and well-being plan to summarise the assessment and any recommendations.
  • Completion of all referrals needed to arrange services

You can find out the answers to all the questions you were afraid to ask! We’ve been in your shoes, and with our healthcare background and industry knowledge, we can assess your options and find workable solutions to help you live well in your home for longer.

Case Management

Case management is an extension of the Holistic Aged Care Assessment, to provide you with ongoing care and support. If you are already set up with in home care, we can establish a Case Management arrangement with you directly.

We can provide ongoing support for further monitoring, evaluation, education and care planning, including:

  • Phone based support and advice
  • Additional home visits could be arranged if needed (separate charges may apply)
  • Ensure health and home care services commence without an issue
  • Monitor and review progress
  • Change services as required, in consultation with you
  • Speak with service providers on your behalf
  • Take the time to answer any further questions you may have
  • Provide feedback to family, your local doctor or nurse
  • Plan for your care in the future
  • Meet with important people in your life

We can arrange the support you need to remain independent and well cared for in your own home.

You can receive our ongoing support

Health and aged care consulting is more than just finding out the best options for in-home care for older people. We look out for your ongoing health and wellness needs.

You’ll receive regular support under our case management program. You can discuss any concerns you have, and we’ll find solutions to make you as comfortable as possible so you can continue to enjoy independence.

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