What is a Home Care Package?

What is a home care package

Gone are the days where a nursing home was your only option to receive assistance when things got tough.

Now, there is more help available for remaining at home as one ages. The government has introduced Home Care Packages (HCP) to help more people access support.

Government Home Care Packages are an allocation of government funding to enable an individual to purchase services to remain at home. Usually a company or not for profit (also known as a home care package provider) assists you to manage the funds.

Overview: What is a Home Care Package (HCP)?

How much can I get?
Up to AU$51,600 per year depending on how much assistance you require.

What will it help me with?
Day to day tasks or rehabilitation, for example: Cleaning or shopping assistance, meal preparation and physiotherapy.

Do I need an assessment for a HCP?
Yes, a referral to My Aged Care will need to be completed in order to access government Home Care Packages.

How long is the wait?
Between 6 months - 2 years, so it is essential to think about aged care help before you need it.

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