Six reasons to consider home care services before they are needed.  

Home care services provide practical assistance and / or rehabilitation for an older person at home.

Here are our top 6 reasons why you should consider home care services before they are needed!

1. It’s complicated
We meet many families who are confused by ‘My Aged Care’ and spend a lot of time trying to understand the system before even reaching the point of arranging the home care they need.

2. Waiting times
Arranging home care services can be slow, for a government funded home care package the wait can be between 6 months – 2 years.

3. Piece of mind.
There is nothing more gratifying than knowing you and your family understand how the aged care system works and have a plan in place.

4. Choice and control.
By understanding what home care options are available before you need them means you can make informed choices about the services that best suit your needs. It is never a good idea to make important decisions when a crisis has occurred.

5. Unexpected things happen.
Whilst we all want to live a glorious lifestyle free from any health complaints at home for as long as possible, the reality is that sometimes unexpected things happen. It only takes a trip in the garden to suddenly have a broken arm and be left wondering how you are going to manage day to day tasks and worrying about how to arrange home care.

6. Family can’t always be there
Many familes are working or do not live close by so can’t always be there to help out with day to day tasks – that is where home care services step in.

If you are needing help to arrange home care services then get in touch with Nicole Dunn 0404 444 985 who can complete the arrangements on your behalf, including referrals to My Aged Care.

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