About Us

Our vision is for older people and their families to be able to enjoy their best possible life at home rather than worrying about how to organise aged care supports

Our Values



Family connection

Creating memories


How we Help

Holistic Aged Care Assessment

During a Holistic Aged Care Assessment, we spend 90 minutes visiting a person at home to achieve the following:

Understand a person’s physical, emotional, social and health needs

Understand a person’s values and wishes

Speaking with an older person’s important people eg: family, doctor

Educating about home based and health based aged care services

Matching a client with the most appropriate home-based and health-based services

Completion of a health and well-being plan to summarise the assessment and any recommendations.

Completion of all referrals needed to arrange services

Case Management

Case management is an extension of the Holistic Aged Care Assessment. We complete ongoing home visits so further monitoring, evaluation, education and care planning can occur. Case management can achieve the following:

Ensure health and home care services commence without an issue

Speak with service providers on your behalf

Monitor and review progress

Change services as required

Take the time to answer any further questions you may have

Provide feedback to family, your local doctor or nurse

Plan for your care in the future

Meet with important people in your life